Gangs and At-Risk Kids


Stories - By ex-gang members or gang members serving long prison sentences.
- Written to offer hope to others who might be going through the same problems.
Ask a Prisoner - Questions about gangs, prison, and other topics of interest.
- Answers written by prisoners from their own experience.
Prison Art - Artwork sent from Jails and Prisons.

Statistics - Statistics about crime and gangs.
- Please check out the amazing results of the study on mentoring!
Links - Links to other resources on the web.

Help Your Kid - Take action early. The longer a kid is in a gang, the harder it is to get out.
- Here are some ways to help.
Why Kids Join - Some are drawn to gangs by parties, girls & drugs. For others, gangs become almost a family.
- Read the reasons the kids themselves give for joining a gang.
Why Violent - Gang members carry weapons for protection and are in serious danger of being killed.
- Read why this atmosphere of violence develops.
In a Gang? - Here are some of the signs of gang membership.
- Some might also indicate drug problems. Not every gang member will fit every item.

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